Choosing The Right Fabric:

Woolrich® Upholstery Wool: Warm. Cozy. And wooly. A great pick – especially if you have a short-haired pooch. Wooly top warms up quick and dogs LOVE them. Premium quality upholstery-grade wool woven by Woolrich®, our wool covers are designed to resemble that BIG blanket on your bed. A very popular choice for cooler temps when all dogs need a little added warmth. Perfectly matched with various bottom fabrics - the Cozy Joe is our most popular dog bed for cabins, lodges and log home decor. Our wool patterns are rotated seasonally for availability.

12-oz. Premium Upholstery Canvas: Featured on our Urban Collection and Snooza™ sleepers, our 12 oz. upholstery-grade fabric is the same fabric used by popular urban furnishing companies. Thick, heavy and durable for everyday use, the fabrics wash nicely and feel soft right out of the box. Color selection is rotated seasonally along with staple colors always in stock. Spring colors coming soon!

10 oz. Dry-Finish, Waxed-Cotton Canvas: The same heavy-weight, durable fabric used in popular sporting field coats and bags. As new, the finish will bead water. Repellancy over time will be reduced, but this fabric can easily be re-treated if you wish to maintain it's waterproof characteristic. The "dry" finish makes it very soft and pliable. A great fabric for beds used outdoors or in kennel. Usually a good brushing will clean away dirt, but if need be - machine wash inside out in cold water and hang dry. Made in the U.S.A.

Premium Upholstery "Day-To-Day" Suede: An upholstery-grade faux suede that is extremely machine washable. A perfect fabric for dogs needing their bed cover washed often. Our version of the fabric is much heavier than most of the "faux suedes" used in the dog bed industry. Purchased from the same mill as the as popular urban furnishing companies, this thick, heavy and durable fabric for everyday use is pure luxury right out of the box.

Premium Sherpa Fleece: Made in the U.S.A. – our thick pile sherpa fleece is designed to offer maximum coziness for dogs that prefer to snuggle up to fleece. Also a great fabric for cats. VERY machine washable. Perfect mate for our faux suede if you need to wash the bed often.

12 oz. Sanded Workwear 100% Cotton Denim: Heavy-duty 12 oz. cotton denim is very popular on the farm or at the construction site, so why not a dog bed for the same reason? Comfortable, sanded "broken-in" feel dogs love, yet the rugged cotton canvas wears well under heavy use. Easy machine washable care makes it a great choice for dirty dawgs.

Oatmeal Berber Fleece: Popular, polyester fleece option for dogs used to sleeping on fleece. Warm, high pile is sort of a "salt and pepper" color mix - which hides dog hair. Makes a great mate to a patterned waxed-cotton, wool or cotton-canvas bottom. Machine washable.

Choose The Right Shape:

When it comes to selecting the right shape for your dog, consider they way they sleep. Large breed dogs usually prefer to sleep on their sides - sprawling out as they fall asleep. A rectangle bed would be your best bet for this sleeping behavior. Smaller breeds tend to curl up on their beds and they are better suited to square or round beds. Of course, some dogs, like our German Shorthaired Pointer, Maggie, do both. She starts out curled up and then sprawls out as she begins to dream about chasing rabbits or squirrels. A rectangle is still the best choice.

Choose The Right Size:

Here's A Rundown of Our Inserts

Our Original Baffled Insert Filled with ComfyStuff™ – Fiber Made From Recycled Plastic Bottles:
When we first started Dawg Tired, the baffled insert made sense. Sewn with a sidewall to help maintin the height, the baffled construction is designed to help keep filling from shifting to the outer edges of the bed. All of our inserts are 10% overfilled to combat settling over time. In 2010, our baffled liner is now offered with two filling options: a polyfiber created from recycled plastic bottles (our original bed filling, ComfyStuff™) or with our new, premium hotel-pillow quality cluster fiber. Both premium fibers are 10% overfilled for long-lasting loft.

Hotel-Quality Cluster Polyfiber Baffled Liner:
Our hotel quality cluster fiber is a special siliconized hollow-fiber technology that provides extra puffiness to pillows, while the slickened fibers reduce friction. The combination of puffiness and slickness makes for super-soft insert with the feel reminiscent to that of goose down. AND all of our polyfiber liners are also 10% overfilled and sewn into a three- or four-tube baffled liner to help prevent fiber from shifting from side-to-side.

The K9 Kloud™ II Envelope Insert: 
THE absolute best dog bed you can buy for your dog. Period. Designed for ultimate support and comfort – especially large dog breeds – the K9 Kloud™ is specifically engineered to prevent contact with the floor at critical pressure points. The premium insert features the down-like comfort of siliconized cluster-fiber filling, and is made from two independently filled, channeled layers that are separated by a zippered compartment – where a premium hotel quality foam insert rests. Remove the foam and the insert can be washed in virtually any washing machine to keep it fresh! As your dog ages - the foam insert can be replaced or modified as your canine character ages.

Our Square Knife-Edge Bed Pillow:
Designed for lighter, smaller and rightfully spoiled pets, our urban pillows are sewn with a knife edge - similar to that of an oversized throw pillow - and then filled with a premium fiber/down mix for supreme "sink into it" luxury. The beauty of the added down content is, unlike polyester fiber-filled pillows, the down can be easily "plumped" up to high loft at any time. Just vigorously shake the pillow like you would a sleeping pillow and, voila, puffy just as new. Pure luxury - for our littler furry - and sometimes not so furry – friends. Downproof cotton fabric prevents feathers from poking though. Like any down pillow, if cleaning required, insert can be easily dry cleaned. This bed sells frequently to humans - for their own use! Yup, move over Fido.

Hotel-Grade, Premium Polyfiber Option
Designed as an alternative option to the poly/down pillow, our 100% cluster polyfiber urban pillow is offered as an option for pets that might need more frequent insert washings. This is the same siliconized cluster fiber that is used in our poly/down mix pillow, it is a high loft, super soft fiber - the same fiber found in premium hotel pillows. Sewn with a knife edge, the cluster polyfiber pillow fits our square bed line.