I know dogs. The "I" being Maggie Hunter, CCO (Chief Canine Officer) here at Dawg Tired. Who better to decide what a dog likes to sleep on more than me... a dog? Pretty simple concept; one even cat owners can get their heads around. Everything at is done from a canine's point of view. R&D, investor relations, corporate outreach — everything but manufacturing. There we have to defer to our friends with opposable thumbs. Hey, one of the of true signs of intelligence, is recognizing your limitations. Right? Here's a little bit about me and how Dawg Tired came to be:

From the beginning it was clear Maggie would follow a very different path than the rest of her litter.

A few days after leaving King's Kennel just outside Chicago, she found her first gig. Oddly enough it was in the climate controlled confines of corporate America – specifically lying around at an advertising agency on the outskirts of Madison, Wisconsin. Soon greeting the UPS guy and scarfing up unattended breakfast burritos became part of her routine.

It didn't take long for her to master the job. In fact, she got so good at it she could do it in her sleep. But sadly, sleep was hard to come by for Maggie. Every day she restlessly sought out that perfect sleeping surface. But nothing did the trick. After months of experimentation with all kinds of different dog beds everyone came to the same conclusion – no bed was good enough for Maggie.

"I was so done with lumpy and pancake-like dog beds. Everyone claimed to have the best bed out there, but they all stunk. And the imports! Don't even get us going on those cheesy excuses for a dog bed," barked Maggie.

So she put together a team of like-minded K9s equally obsessed with comfort and quality – and went about the business of designing the world's greatest fabric rest stops.

Of course, we had to hire some opposable-thumb types to handle the stitching, assembly and so forth – but the decisions are all made by dogs – as it should be. And everything is made right here in the USA.

Be warm. Be good. Be cozy. Bark on.

Maggie Hunter
Chief Canine Officer