Our Philosophy:


Seriously. Dogs work hard. Dogs play hard. Dogs sleep hard. It’s what makes us dogs. So at the end of the day…or the beginning…and a few times in the middle, we need a nice place to park the paws, so to speak. Beds are important to dogs, and here at Dawg Tired we hold dog beds to a higher standard. Crafted for durability and styled to reflect the fine tastes of canine connoisseurs instead of Paul Bunyan wannabes, Dawg Tired beds are the kind of beds dogs dream about. Which is what’s going on when our noses twitch in our sleep.

What we believe at Dawg Tired.

At Dawg Tired, we have several guiding beliefs with respect to dogs, dog owners and, of course, dog beds. We don't believe in imposing our beliefs on others, but if you are interested in the K9 minds at DT, here are what we employ in our efforts as an American manufacturer of dog beds.

On Dog beds:

  • We believe that a dog bed should be a cushy empire of love – and nothing less.
  • We believe that not all dog beds are created equal.
  • We believe that a quality dog bed is a good investment for both you and your dog.
  • We believe that dog beds made in the USA are better – for a whole lot of reasons.

On Dog Owners:

  • We believe that you should get more than you pay for and not vice versa.
  • We believe that it should be fun to shop for a new dog bed.
  • We believe that you should hug your dog as often as you can.

On Dogs:

  • We believe that all dogs deserve the love and friendship of a good home.
  • We believe that smelly dogs should take a bath.
  • We believe that good dogs should be rewarded with a Dawg Tired dog bed.